Future Frankensteins evaluates our current and future dependance on technology and how it is becoming more and more integrated into our lives.  Are our current technologies beginning to dominate our physical and social worlds?

The copper gauntlet demonstrates how technological advances in machinery may begin to become so intergrated into our lives that it restricts our creativity.

The copper hand piece forces the wearer to use their hand like a mechanical claw only to grab things, removing the hands dextrerity.   This highlights how our creativity is potentially being lost with our dependance on machinery.

Most people in the western world now feel a sense of loss without the use of a mobile phone or a connection to the internet.  The rise in social media and our dependance on it is beginning to rise to a multitude of sociopsycholigical disorders.  Are these obsessions forcing us into machine like and emotionless beings?

Photo's feature Anish Kapoor's sculpture Dismemberment of Jeanne d'Arc