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Great Northen Contemporary Craft Fair

17th-18th July 2021



Stokes England is the home of jeweller Chris Stokes who creates unique pieces that take inspiration from geometric structure, the mathematics of space and the beauty of its natural phenomena. These concepts are embedded into many of his designs highlighted by repetitive pattern, strong linear forms and touches of explosive colour. Much of his jewellery celebrates the amalgamation of digital design and traditional craft where 3D printing meets vitreous enamelling. This dynamic approach to his practice allows for pieces to be technically complex and yet maintain elements of the handmade where inaccuracies become part of the originality of the piece.


Originally from Staffordshire, Chris moved to Brighton to study at the University of Brighton on 3D Design and Craft (WMCP) and specialised in polymers and metalwork. During his studies he explored form and structure that took inspiration from science and medicine. He developed sculptural fashion concept pieces which were photographed by Rankin and featured in magazines such as Hunger, and iD. Since graduating he has developed his practice into jewellery design, founding Stokes England as it is now in 2017. Much of his original practice has  informed and assisted in the development of his iconic pieces today.

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